Nick del Rosario

I live for experiencing unexpected moments and using A camera to enable you to feel being in that particular moment in time. #UnEXPECTEDMOMENT

A landscape, street and architectural photographer who enjoys experiencing the different cultures of the world and developing moments that will inspire you to follow in my footsteps. This blog and personal portfolio of work was created for photographers, travelers and the every day Joe Schmo to learn from my experiences and the way I see the world through the lens. The content on this blog features inspiration, advice, tips and projects that I am constantly working on over time and want to share with my followers.


Based: Lake Forest, Illinois

Current Project: Yesteryear Photographs (Finding people or places that are stuck in time)

Current Gear: Leica SL

Philosophy: One Camera. One Lens. Keep it simple.

Biggest Piece of Advice: Let go of your GAS(Gear Acquisition Syndrome). Keep your gear simple and find those experiences.