Opening a Leica feels like Christmas as a 5 year old


Opening new gear is pure joy, I know you all have been there. Ordering your gear, unboxing the gear and feeling, touching and testing out your new toys. This was always a great feeling that fuels your G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) to want more. But ever since moving to a Leica system the love for my gear has exponentially grown. Yes you sign over your life for purchasing Leica gear but you really get what you pay for. If you are a person who appreciates the finer details of life and the minuscule details and the thought put into industrial designs then Leica will truly appreciate. 

Two years in with the Leica Q and to this day, every time I pick up my camera, I still relive the joy. The solid build feel and aluminum body feel in my hands brings euphoria. Simple intuitive menus and dials, amazing aperture clicks and buttery smooth focusing ring. The list goes on and on with my appreciation for the craftsmanship. I really believe that this is a dying art with in the world with mass manufacturing, bottom line sales focus and the dwindling photography market share. 

Every time I see a new camera come out, for example the Sony A9, there is some interest that springs up. I do like to keep tabs with what the industry is doing, and what innovations are coming out. I recently went out to see the Sony A9 in my hands and test it out give the crazy amount of features and praise the camera has received. Build quality is good, overall camera is great but in the end my road keep bringing me back to Leica. Its just another level of feel and design that makes me understand the "fanboy" community that sticks with Leica. Yes you can get way more with a Sony A7 or A9 series camera but if your looking for an experience and connection with your camera then Leica has really been the one for me. 


Getting into the Leica World

For those who are looking to get into the Leica world, buying a used Leica is a great place to start. It still is a very steep price to pay but you can get away with paying less to start your way into the Leica world. The lens soul, color and feel really just has that Leica feel and look to it. Value wise, resale of Leica is probably the best out there as well versus other camera manufacturers. The value of a Leica Lens almost always goes up and also will last you a lifetime given the manual focus and mechanical nature of the lens. Build quality is superb and there are 1950-1960s version of lenses still in use today because of the quality of Leica. 

This article is by no means an article to sway you as a reader to move to the Leica system. This is more of just sharing my own pure joy and happiness of owning a camera I truly love. Not just the image quality or knowing its an expensive camera. But truly falling in love with the build, feel, quality and simplicity of the camera. Finding your photographic euphoria is really all I recommend, whether that's with another system that is ok. When you find that peace with the gear you have you find that at that point the photography starts to shine through. Often time we get stuck in the G.A.S. process that wanting more megapixels or more autofocus points becomes the craze. Those are great features but just finding the right medium for you will take places further than keeping up with the latest and greatest. Today I can honestly say that I am like a child holding my camera, its truly an experience to unbox and use on a daily basis.



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